The FREE SVN Service for small coding teams


I was looking for an online SVN server where I can host my code and do versioning on it. There are a number of servers like that available online including some big players like google and sourceforge. But all of them are open source code hosting services and you have to buy closed source hosting from the others. The best I have found so far is XP-DEV which offers free closed source hosting worth of size 1.5 Gigs which is far more than any other free service. I created a test account on their website and committed some code, they look good so far. The best thing is that they send emails on each and every check-in along with the diff so you can always keep an eye on what is going on with your code base and who is doing what.

Other services offered by XP-DEV include an issue tracking system and support tickets as well. All for free šŸ™‚ Their issue tracking system might not be an advanced one but its really good when you are not paying a cent!

So install TortoiseSVN and enjoy the free versioning service.




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