Oracle Parameter File: Order of lookup


Oracle has two type of parameter files for initial parameter configurations: PFILE and SPFILE. The parameter file and the shared parameter file. They are used to specify parameter values at the database startup. The SPFILE is used in a RAC environment and PFILE is used in a stand alone database environment.

The other day I had a problem starting up my RAC and later on it was discovered that the problem was because of these startup files. The recommended way of using an SPFILE in a RAC environment is to specify the (shared) location of your SPFILE in the PFILE. All nodes have their own PFILEs which point to the same SPFILE which is located on a shared storage. I had set it up all right but it was not working. And this was because Oracle searches the configuration files in the specified directory in the following order:

  • spfileSID.ora
  • spfile.ora
  • initSID.ora
  • init.ora

So I had my initSID.ora setup but was not being used because I already had one spfileSID.ora in the same location which always got preference.



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