More competition in Smartphone Market


With the introduction of Nexus One by Google the competition in the smart phone market is getting tougher. Google had a share of iPhone already with its search engine and maps products being the default in it and now they have their own smart phone as well which is a direct competitor to iPhone.

Now some recent developments which caught the attention of my eye include the news that Apple is in talks to Microsoft to replace Google in its products with Bing. Now this is pro-active! They have anticipated the danger but this is not the best reaction. Check out the following news:

This looks like just an immediate course of action. Apple’s dependence on other big names to provide services will not last long as Microsoft’s pink phone is also in the pipeline.

There is no other search engine at the moment to replace bing in iPhone. Apple’s best course of action is to focus on their product and work to make it the best as they have done in the past. Everyone would love the iPhone which they already are familiar with. But it looks like Apple will have to withdraw from some of its smart phone market share as others jump in!


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